Five Beats One

It probably won’t be entirely clear to most listeners what Five Beats One is thinking after listening to their debut self-titled EP. Frankly, that’s just fine with them. The band would be the first to admit that they lack a specific aspiration with regards to a “sound”, except to say that there is very little that they won’t consider as the foundation when writing a song.

At first one might assume that this is a bad thing, after all, music (good music, that is) says something right? You’re probably thinking “How can something have meaning when it’s creators approach it with such haphazard ambitions”? Well maybe, just maybe, the very fact that Five Beats One approaches their music “all inclusively” is what gives them the focus to write the music they write. There’s definitely A LOT of music in the six songs on this EP, and certainly, it has a sound. But what is it?
I have now set you up for the paragraph where most bands would have a laundry list of influences, most of which you would know, maybe a few that you don’t. In most cases they would represent the extremes of the musical tastes of the band members, with the actual band being a watered down version of two or three of them, at best. Inevitably, this list would include The Beatles, as well as something clever and non-musical, such as “The Theory of Relativity”. I will avoid flattering those influences, offending Five Beats One, and insulting the reader by including such comparisons and pretending they are anything but a name recognition game for our brains to attach preconceived notions, beliefs and ideals to something that should ideally stand on its own.
But I will say this… Five Beats One is a rock band. A rock band that plays creative and interesting music.

SRR-07 Five Beats One CD EP

The Velvet Teen – No Star 12″ EP