B.C. Fitzpatrick

“Twenty years ago, Brian Fitzpatrick wasn’t listening to C&C Music Factory. He wasn’t even really into a lot of punk, like his friends. Instead, he was listening to Neil Young and John Prine. I remember Fitzpatrick then, a rough but regal presence at hardcore shows in Sonoma County. He wore denim and spoke softly while everyone else was yelling as loud as they could in leather jackets. He was trying to start a band, too, though it wasn’t easy finding other people into Bill Monroe at a Born Against warehouse show.

Eventually, Fitzpatrick found that band, Cropduster, who played every single dive bar, house party and dingy nightclub in town. Watching Fitzpatrick play Cropduster’s version of Bill Monroe’s “California Cottonfields” to a room of ex-punk rockers always emitted, to lift a phrase from John Prine, a sweet revenge.

In the last several years, Fitzpatrick is no longer the outcast in the room. In fact, he blends right in, nearly invisible—just another picker with an arsenal of twangy riffs and bent B-strings. Who would have guessed that the same guy who pioneered old-timey music before it was cool would all of a sudden have to prove himself before a jury of his peers? ” Gabe Meline – City Sound Inertia

SRR-06a B.C. Fitzpatrick ~ Lost, Stolen & Strayed CD